THE ECONOMY, THE CEDI – WHAT TO DO, WHAT NOT TO DO It is time for us to focus our minds on solutions to the economic and currency problems we face.  We must move from being experts at discussing problems to become excellent at identifying, agreeing and implementing sound solutions.  There are no easy short […]

Hello! Petition to Free the People to Elect their Metropolitan, Municipal & District Chief Executives I’ve started the petition “Constitutional Review Implementation Committee, Parliament & the President of the Republic of Ghana: Let the People elect their own local Chief Executives” and need your help to get it off the ground. We must petition against […]

  Many members of Ghanaian society from all walks of life have since the 1992 election showed very deep concern about cracks in the nation’s collective wall.  We have heard taxi drivers, carpenters, teachers, lawyers, religious leaders, business men and women, politicians and others complain about our lack of significant forward march to prosperity after […]